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OAK PARK SCULPTURE WALK 2014 (June 1 - September 21, 2014)
Natural WondersWe are so excited to be hosting one of this year's magnificent sculptures!  "Natural Wonders", by Michele Moushey Dale is a real tribute to the precious wonder of childhood and what it means to take it with you into adulthood; it seems as if it were made for us. 

In Ms. Dale's words:
The Natural Wonders story features a young boy shown looking forward into his future.  He is unafraid, bold and realizes that the great turtle is an old friend that dates to the early origins of the river and is thought of as a symbol for the earth by Native Americans.  He is caught seeing glimpses of all of the many fantastic creatures around him.  He sees that these animals rely on clean environments and waterways to live, just like him.  Heís thinking about all of the birds and bees soaring in the air and how other animals walk on the ground.  He follows the swirling path of the fish, snakes and tadpoles that swim, having fun in the water.  He realizes that he may not always see deer, opossum, toads, blue herons and others because they are shy but he knows that they are there from their tracks he sees left in mud at the water's edge.  He imagines a hat made of a birds nest or maybe a beehive. He thinks of the clean air birds and bees ride on so free, and remembers that bees are important for pollinating and growing his food.  He wonders how he can make good decisions that sustain the world, its waters and its creatures.       

Natural Wonders portrays a story about caring and stewardship for our natural environment so that we can always enjoy the days where our imaginations soar in a world of beauty. 

We hope you'll stop by and take in the beauty of this sculpture along with all the other sculptures around Oak Park.  For more information, or to print a map of these works locations, visit the Village of Oak Park's web site.

FATHER'S DAY APRONS - Saturday, June 7th, 2-4:30pm
Decorate an Apron! Turn a blank apron into a Chef/BBQ/Handyman/Tool-holding apron for Dad as a Father's Day Gift! Use fabric markers and 3D fabric paint to create your masterpiece! Ages 5+, $10 per apron - please call the store to reserve your spot!

Join us for another fun summer of exploration!  During "Make-it Monday" we have fun diving into some of our product lines.  Join us for one, join us for all!  Times, ages and fees will be announced shortly.  (We'll always have additional information posted on our Facebook page or in our newsletters so hook up with us if you aren't already.)
Let your creative juices flow as we take various raw materials and create really cool, made-by-you, useable stuff!

Neighborhood Toy Store Day 2014 ------- save the date to join us for this annual fun-filled, play-centered, get silly day on November 8th!




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