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Annual Feeding of the Goblins!
As you may know, our store is, well...haunted.   Every year we have to feed the little buggers roaming around secretly the rest of the year!   The only thing that seems to keep them quiet is candy (you can tell they love it by their gnarly teeth!)   This is where you come in - we need your help to feed them!   From November 1-16, 2014 bring in 1 lb or more of candy and we'll give you 10% off - purely out of appreciation!   If you bring in a toothbrush with the candy, we'll give you 15% off!   It's really that important.   Thanks in advance for helping us resolve this little problem for another year!
(P.S.   In truth, every year we joyfully participate in Operation Gratitude, a program that sends candy and toothbrushes to U.S. troops overseas.   We look forward to it every year!)

Neighborhood Toy Store Day - November 8, 2014

NTSD 2014We have such a great day planned for you!   Make sure to check our Facebook page for more updates every day!   We can't wait to see you! Here's what's in store for you:

Try your skills at the Hit Mit Challenge! Each person gets 3 changes to get their highest score keeping the ball in the air with the paddle.   The highest score at the end of the day wins a set of paddles and a package of balls!   Two age groups: 8 and under, and 9 and up.

Photobooth -
Our free photo booth will be up and running from 10 am to 4 pm. Why? For silly fun, of course!   Choose from an array of props like hats, boas and masks to put on for a hilariously fabulous photo shoot! Or show off one a fantastic glitter tattoo!

Come get yourself a snazzy Glitter Tattoo.   A donation of $5 per tattoo will go to Parenthesis' annual Dream Maker's benefit being held that evening.

Create an ornament to hang on our tree at the Brookfield Zoo Community Tree Trim!   (We'll be heading over there on November 23rd at 1pm to do the decorating with you!)   We have several ornaments to accommodate all ages and every child who makes one gets to enter their name into a raffle for free BZ passes!   Also, make sure you grab a link and add your family's name to our Community Garland.   By the time we head over to decorate we hope to have a mighty long chain as a thank you to our community and what binds us together.

The very talented Yo-Yo master Eric Tranton will be in from 1-4 pm to entertain you and teach you his tricks! With 8 years of experience under his belt, he has developed a very unique style of yo-yoing and has performed at amazing venues around Chicago!

Our fabulous facepainter, Donna, will be here to style you up for the day!   Give her a good challenge, she's here from 10-12pm!

Balloon sculptures will abound from 2-4pm - you just won't believe what this guy can create!   Walk out with the fanciest hat ever if you like!

And we'd be remiss if we forgot to mention our tasty treats from Red Hen Bread - orange sugar cookie hearts - because we <3 you!   And appreciate your shopping local!

When you join us on Neighborhood Toy Store Day, your purchase will give you the opportunity to enter our raffle!  Not just one, but SIX raffle packages! Just take the ticket you’ll get with your receipt and place it into the bag of the prize you’d like to win – you get to choose!  As a bonus, when your purchase is over $50 we’ll give you an additional raffle ticket! Make sure to swing by the shop to check out the raffle packages set up in our window. Every single one is fabulous!

Hey Mom & Dad, did you think we forgot about you? We’ve got a special raffle just for you! We know every parent spends an enormous amount of time in the car: running errands, soccer games, dance lessons, school activities…and work, of course. It never seems to end! Sometimes, just finding the time to clean that mobile space eludes us  So we came up with a prize…just for you, and just in time too with winter around the corner! If you win this one, you’ll get to drop your car at Loro Auto Works for cleaning and detailing while you enjoy a glass of wine and some yummy treats from the Bistro, complements of our friends at Marion Street Cheese Market!  Can you think of a better way to spend an hour?  We’ve got your back – and cleaning the car never felt so good!  



Brookfield Zoo Community Tree Trim - November 23, 2014, 1pm
Meet us at Brookfield Zoo to decorate our tree with all the ornaments the kids made!   Plus we'll get to hang our Community Garland featuring the family's in our Community who popped into the store!   We'll have hot cocoa on hand to keep you warm, so meet us on the West Mall at tree #355 at 1pm.  Pray for warmer weather! Brookfield Zoo Community Tree Trim 2013

Winter Break Camps - starting December 28th!
We've got 5 days of fun activities for you this year!  Stay tuned for further details!

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