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Monday 7/2: DIY Gliders - Inspire creativity in young artists while exploring flight! Build your own Firefox glider at this DIY event then paint it to make the plane uniquely yours! (Ages 6+, $10, 2PM)
Friday 7/6: Family Game Night - Join us for the first Family Game Night of the Summer! We'll play some of our new games and staff favorites for those over 8+ - games that are great for multi-age groups! Join us! We'll have some yummy snacks, too. (5-7PM)
Monday 7/9: Needle Felted Monsters - Let's get crafty with felt! Learn how to make beautiful creations with the art of needle felting. We will manipulate wool felt roving into three dimensional sculptures. Today we'll be making silly, quirky cute monsters! (9+, $15, 2PM)
Thursday 7/12: GTB Annual Tie Dye - Today we are tie-dying custom made shirts with our logo on it-you won't want to miss this event! Turn a blank GTB t-shirt into an exploding-with-color, one-of-a-kind work of art to be worn and strutted around town! Learn tie-dying techniques or share your own ideas to make amazing and vibrant designs. (6+, 2pm, $20)
Monday 7/16: Gratitude Rocks - Join us for a Gratitude Rock Painting event! After painting you can hide as part of the Kindness Rock movement or keep for yourself! This is a fun way for you and your family to spread kindness, encouragement and happiness throughout your community – one rock at a time! (6+, $10, 2PM)
Wednesday 7/18: Pinocchio's Day Spa - Fancy nails and glitter tattoo are yours at this unique toy store day spa! Make your appointment or stop into the store to get all dolled up with Piggy Paint Nail Polish along with a sparkly glitter tattoo! (4+, $10, 2PM)
Sunday 7/22: LEGO Mini Figures Trading Day - Come and trade your LEGO Mini Figures! Come together with others to trade for those special ones you have always wanted! (All ages, FREE!, 1-3 PM)
Monday 7/23: Yarn Babies -  Come create adorable yarn babies with us! Using these kits from Ann Williams Group , assemble the cardboard forms and wrap, wrap, wrap away with the colorful yarn. Add yarn embellishments to create a cute animal friend! Make a piece of art to display on a dresser, desk or bookcase! (8+, $10, 2PM)
Friday 7/27: Family Game Night - Join us for a Family Game Night this Summer! We'll introduce some of our new games and staff favorites! We'll have some yummy snacks, too. Let the games begin! (5-7PM, all ages)
Monday 7/30: Klutz Sew Mini Treats - Come sew up some yummy treats with this recipe for fun! Stitch and stuff your favorite felt foods with fabulous faces! Learn sewing & embroidery techniques and add your own artistic touch to make it one-of-a-kind! (8+, $10, 2PM)
Friday 8/3: Bath Balms - Come create amazing bath balms with us! We will put together bath balms with us for relaxing baths with amazing scents! (6+, $15, 2PM)
Monday 8/6: Charm MashUp Bracelets - Join us while we make charm bracelets with The Mash-Up Charm kit from Fashion Angels! Choose from an assortment of beads, charms, and sparkle tubing. Make one for yourself and your BFF as friendship bracelets. (8+, $10, 2PM)
Friday 8/10: Summer Game Night - Join us for a Family Game Night this Summer! We'll introduce some of our new games and staff favorites! We'll have some yummy snacks, too. Let the games begin! (5-7PM, all ages)
Sunday 8/12: Pokemon Card Trading Day - Come and trade your Pokemon cards!! Come together with others to trade for those special ones you have always wanted! (All ages, FREE!, 1-3PM)
Monday 8/13: Robotics Kits - Children will create solar powered robots from OWI! Putting together the pieces of the robot, children will learn more about sustainability and helping the environment! (8+, $15, 2PM)
Friday 8/17: Garden Stepping Stones - Create your own unique stepping stone for the garden! Children use cement and stones, gems, and much more to create a beautiful stepping stone to go in the garden. (6+, $15, 2PM)


Silhouettes with Cassidy Alexander -September 15-16, 2018
Cassidy Alexander is one of the few active silhouette artists in this country cutting silhouette portraits in the traditional manner: freehand, with paper and scissors only! She'll be in our shop cutting beautiful silhouettes that capture a moment in time that will last forever. $29 per silhouette, $12 for duplicates, and $18 for black oval frames.
Psst! These make great gifts for Grandparents! Please call the store to set up your appointment! (708) 445-9906

Check out her artwork on her website:

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