Doll Sequin Pastel Flippy Skirt Set


Your doll will shimmer and sparkle in this iridescent sequined outfit. And the most fun part is flipping the colors with a brush of your hand!

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Fabulous Flippy Sequins!! Kids love the fun of flipping these iridescent sequins back and forth. Sequins reverse from a silver-tone to a rainbow of colors. Matches Fairy Finery’s Girl’s flippy skirt. Set includes coordinating leotard and doll shoes to complete the look!

Care: Hand wash, line dry.

Fairy Finery is studio-made dress up clothing and accessories made in the USA. We have been dedicated to creating beautiful heirloom quality clothing and gifts that will delight you and your child since 1997! Discover the world of imaginative play in dresses, fairy wings, capes, and adventure costumes so comfortable and easy to care for it meets the criteria of even the most discerning of fairy godparents!


Fairy Finery

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