Kids My First Garden Windowsill Grow Kit


Learn to garden the easy way! Grow the companion plants of Tomato and Marigold for a burst of flavor and color. Each kit includes a galvanized metal windowsill container, seed packets, growing medium, and growing instructions.

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Tomatoes and Marigolds are a natural pair for companion planting! Experience the fun of watching marigolds sprout and bloom with this windowsill growing kit… Plus you get to enjoy delicious tomatoes!

What is companion planting? It’s a gardening practice of putting plants close to each other that will help each other grow. Plants like marigolds may help reduce (or even eliminate) the need for pesticides. And they look so pretty in a vegetable garden!

When marigolds and tomatoes are planted together, the marigolds help to guard against pests both above and below the soil.

Set includes: Galvanized planter (about 11” x 4.5” x 3.75”), growing medium, tomato seeds, marigold seeds, and complete instructions.

Ages 4+




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