Kinetic Racer


This 14-piece racecar kit requires zero batteries, and is the perfect tool to teach sustainable energy, while also providing sustainable fun!

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Kids will be able to experiment with a pre-assembled hand crank generator and demonstrate how kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy. They’ll be amazed as they witness the energy they generated, illuminated almost magically. Once the energy conversion principle is established, knowledge-hungry students will connect the hand power generator to the Kinetic Racer with a capacitor and experiment on how energy can be stored and discharged. Scholarly children will be able to test preconceived hypotheses on how much energy is stored with 30 turns, 60 turns, even 100 turns of the hand-powered generator! This trial and error-based learning will free up the minds of children and allow them to discover and explore physics and math without the fear of failure. The Kinetic Racer is much more than a hands-on training tool. The instruction manual includes a full curriculum, complete with test questions, answers, and fun activities to extend the play value of the Kinetic Racer. Producing energy, storing energy, and using energy without the use of batteries makes for a great science and learning kit.

Ages 8+





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