Marble Racer Light-up Race Car RC Red


A super cool marbelous remote-control race car! Collect each different color and race them all!

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Marble Racers remote control light-up rechargeable racing cars are the coolest remote control race cars ever! Cars feature an interior marble with the motion-activated LED light inside – give it a shake and the red, blue, green and purple lights flicker and flash as the marble spins. Put the car back on any hard, flat surface and you’re off using the joystick remote control featuring Easy-Turn Technology. And this car isn’t just for beginners – the rear-wheel drive allows practiced drivers to drift and spin like a real race car! The clear chassis permits cool views of the motor and gears while allowing the 1.25 inch LED marble to illuminate the racer’s body. Since each color races on a different frequency, they can race each other!

The set includes one 5.5″ long rechargeable race car with replaceable lithium ion battery, one remote, one USB charging cord and four traffic cones to create a fun ‘track’ or to improve your racing skills

Ages 5+, includes USB charger, and remote requires 4 AAA batteries – which we have in stock so make sure to grab them!

Manufacturer SKUTG08661