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In this game, points are bad! Do you take the card and the points that come with it, or pay a chip to say, “No, thanks!”

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This family and adult card game sounds so simple, and it is: Take a card or pay one chip as you try to avoid points. If you take the card you get its points, but points are bad. But you also get the chips that others have played to avoid taking the card, and that’s good (each chip cancels out one point). And there’s one more twist: If you collect cards in sequence, only the lowest one counts against your score. So say, “No thanks!” and play your chips, but watch out: When you’re out of chips that card’s all yours. No Thanks! is one of the US’s highest-ranked card games, and it’s great as a travel game and for play at home.

3-7 players, 20 minutes

Ages 8+

Manufacturer SKU18414
Package Contents104 Take 5 Cards & Instructions 100 Take a Number Cards, 7 Row Cards, & Instructions
FeaturesIncludes two complete games for the price of one Time-tested gameplay - a highlyrated game for 20+ years Take a Number adds a whole new dimension of gameplay


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Safety Warnings

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.
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