100 Questions About Bugs


What is a spiderweb made of? What’s the biggest bug ever? Get the answer to these questions and 98 more!

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Young scientists can find out the answers to all their biggest bug questions on this journey through the world of creepy crawlies. Check out what makes a glow-worm glow and a stinkbug stink. Meet the world’s loudest, fastest, and biggest bugs. Get the low-down on insects that fly high and dig deep. Along the way, learn bug jokes to tell your friends. Loads of fascinating facts, jokes, and kid-friendly illustrations, these kid-friendly books take you on a journey through time to answer all the questions you’ve ever had . . . including ones you were afraid to ask! 48 full-color pages, sturdy hardcover binding.

Hardcover, 48 pages

Ages 7+


Peter Pauper Press



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