Sight Words, Level 3


100 high-frequency words that kids should be able to recognize by sight, rather than sounding the word out.

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Sight Words have been used to decades to facilitate learning to read. Knowing the most frequently encountered words by sight, rather than by “sounding them out”, allows fluency in early reading, which makes the learning process more efficient. As such, knowing what sounds are associated with the letters is not necessary; Sight Words create a foundation based not on phonics – “sounding out the word” – but on visual recognition of the word itself.

Sight word flash cards include 100 high-frequency-word flash cards, 18 learning activities, instructions, a checklist, and two rings to help children move through the deck of 100 cards by level. Level 3 includes high frequency simple words for children to learn through memorization, creating a foundation for literacy. Each flash card has the Sight Word on the front and a sentence to provide context on the back of the card.

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