Bebe Calin Doll

You couldn’t ask for a more perfect first baby doll. Soft and beautifully made, can be rearranged into various positions, available in a variety of skin tones.

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When children are 18 months old, they need a small soft and lightweight doll that’s 12 inches tall so they can easily grasp and hold it! The 12-inch Mon Premier Corolle dolls can assume the same positions real babies do and have sleeping eyes that close when they are put down for a nap or at bedtime, also like real babies. They’re the perfect dolls for imitating what’s happening in a young child’s everyday life.

For children who love to hear their doll babble like a real baby, Mon Premier Bébé Calin Bisou is the ideal interactive doll. It says the first words that many parents teach their children : “mama” and “papa”. It can also laugh and make a kissing noise when you press on its tummy. For those who love music, Mon Premier Bébé Calin Mélodie plays four melodies.

Corolle cuddling dolls come in various ethnicities so young children can find a doll that looks like them or one of their friends.

Ages 18m+


Ballerina, Blue Moon, Charming Pastel, Mael, Margot, Margueite, Marguerite, Maria, Mila, Myrtille, Naima, Unicorn



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