Beginning Birdwatcher’s Book


This easy-to-read, fact-filled workbook will help young birdwatchers learn and log 48 common North American birds!

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Birdwatchers, or “birders,” keep life lists in which they note their first sighting of a species — indicating the date, place, habitat, etc. The book includes space on each page for a numbered sticker illustration of the bird described, along with information on bird size, habitat, nesting and eating habits, number and color of eggs, and range. There’s also a place for recording the date, time, and locality of the sighting and for adding personal remarks.

A great way to combine sticker fun with an educational experience, this hands-on record-keeping book will motivate young naturalists and perhaps stimulate a lifelong interest in the rewarding hobby of birdwatching.

Ages: 7+

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