Camping Sampler Cross Stitch Kit


Bring your outdoor adventure inside with this fun counted cross-stitch project!

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Cross stitch is a great classic activity that also has enormous impacts on well-being!

  • The repetition of the activity, requiring you to be mentally present and concentrating fully on the task at hand, has a calming effect the way meditation does. Stitching requires you to be mentally present and concentrate fully on the task at hand, thus creating a decompressing effect for the brain that relieves stress. It’s grounding influence helps clear the mind resulting in a calming effect.
  • Improved focus from the concentration and coordination of the mind and body while working with fiber arts.
  • Eye-hand coordination is always great for our minds and keeps hands and fingers flexible, moving in different ways than on a computer.
  • The sense of achievement from creating something from scratch is huge. There’s no better reward than the warmth that flows as you look at a creation with your own two hands and proudly say: ‘I did that.’
  • And did we mention math skills? Counting, planning, tracking and transferring images are all part of the process. But kids don’t need to know that. Just let them get lost in the process!

This DIY KIT features the June 2016 cross stitch pattern, CAMPING! The finished piece measures 6″ across. Kit Includes supply lists, patterns & instructions, color list, hoop, needle, & Aida fabric.

Skill Level: Intermediate



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