Catan: Cities & Knights 5-6 Player Extension


Now up to six players can muster their knights against the scourge threatening Catan!

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The 5-6 Player Expansion for The Cities and Knights of Catan allows you to expand and inject more excitement into your games without sacrificing ease of play. Designed for five or six players, it adds even more drama to the award-winning game of culture, politics, and warfare.

All of the excitement and adventure of CATAN – Cities and Knights extended for a fifth and sixth player. Compete to build and defend the three great metropolises of Catan, with the Cities & Knights Game Expansion. Each of these magnificent urban centers is even more valuable than a city.

Wild barbarians, lured by Catan’s wealth and power, maneuver to attack the weakest targets. The victim of their onslaught will be the player who contributes the least to the defense of Catan.

Don’t take any chances! Field your knights! Invest in city improvements, which you acquire using three commodities of trade: coin, paper, and cloth. If you improve your culture, muster your knights, and enrich your fine cities, you will be the master of the great realm of Catan!

This is an extension for CATAN – Cities and Knights. You will need a copy of it and the CATAN base game.

5-6 players, 120-150 minutes

Ages 12+





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