Color Changing Umbrella:

Kids will be excited at rainy days when they have a magical, color-changing umbrella! Hidden colors appear when the umbrella gets wet, and vanish when it dries. Assorted styles.

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Who doesn’t like the rain? Your little ones will soon love it with their magic color-changing umbrella.  Every time you go out in the rain the design changes into color.  So much fun!
Watch as the white areas magically change color in the rain… as it dries out they go back to white and it happens all over again when the rain comes back!
Complete with a handy velcro tie to keep neatly closed when not in use. 24 x 26 inch span.
Ages 3+

Bunny, Bunny (Transparent), Children of the World, Construction, Deep Sea, Deep Sea (Transparent), Dino (Transparent), Dinosaur, Enchanted, Fairy Tale, Fantasy, Jungle, Jungle (Transparent), Mermaid, Monster, Pets, Rainbow Fairy, Rainbow Fairy (Transparent), Rainbow Repeat, Raindrop, Raindrops & Clouds, Rocket, Space, Spellbound, Sun & Clouds, Toucan, Unicorn, Universe




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