Cosmic Brightz Bike Lights

Your personality is unique, so why shouldn’t your bike be? Light it up with your favorite color!

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Use the Cosmic Brightz bike frame lights to give you that WOW factor. With 6.5 feet of LED heaven, you can custom fit your Cosmic Brightz to any frame you want. With easy installation, a strong and secure hold, and a long battery life, Cosmic Brightz are a great way to give you that custom effect without all of the hassle. The sooner you order, the sooner you’ll be rolling in style!

Whether your mood is electric blue or flashy gold, our bike lights come in a wide array of colors to give you that perfect vibe that you are going for. Cosmic Brightz bike frame lights help you to stand out from the crowd and definitely set the tone for great times and fun memories. Let those fun nights start now by ordering your Cosmic Brightz in your custom color. Whatever your personality is, we have the bike lights to match it. If you don’t have just one color that expresses you, don’t FRET! We have our Cosmic Brightz Multicolored LED bike frame lights to express all of your different and individual qualities at once. Level up your bike style by ordering your Cosmic Brightz today!




Blue, Green, Multi, Pastel, Pink, Purple, Rainbow, Red, White

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