CSG X4 Water Blaster


Perfect for sneak attacks and all-out water wars! This lightweight, 17-inch water gun comes in a variety of colors.

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The affordable Water Pistol CSG X4 Water Gun is sure to be a hit with young and old alike. Ambush your assailants with this nifty and intimidating water gun! This 17-inch water gun is perfect for sneak attacks and on-the-fly water raids. It comes in a variety of colors and is sure to please everyone with its sturdy construction and its spacious water reserve. Enjoy hours of water blasting fun with this 17-inch water gun. It is the perfect prize for picnic games and party favors, and makes birthdays and outings a literal blast! Unlike puny water pistols, this gun is like a fire hydrant, blasting opponents with tons of water. Its large tank and pump action unleash a jet stream of H20 onto opponents with drenching accuracy. In the midst of an epic water battle, enjoy mobility with this light weight water toy.

Ages 6+



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