Daisy Maxi Chunky Pegs


Young children will be endlessly entertained with these colorful, stackable blocks!

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Teach your baby or toddler colors and shapes, and practice motor skills building colorful towers. Quercetti Daisy Maxi Stacking Peg Set is a terrific toddler construction toy by the famous Italian toy maker. Special high quality safe material, PVC-free, is used by Quercetti to make soft durable pegs for this toddler stacking set. Every peg from this first building set has a hole for easy stacking with the little hands. Your toddler can try sorting and stacking by colors, by shapes, or possibly by numbers of pegs. The Quercetti Daisy Maxi Stacking Peg Set from Educational Toys Planet includes a large pegged base and 20 soft large colorful pegs.

Ages 1+

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