Klutz: DIY Rainbow Catcher


No need to wait for the rain to end! You can make a rainbow yourself with this amazing kit!

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Color your world with rainbows! This clever snap-together rainbow maker catches sunlight and projects tiny rainbows into your room like a disco ball. The included book is chock full of information about how rainbows form: the science of sunlight, prisms, and the very special weather conditions under which rainbows might appear. Activities and experiments include different ways you can mimic rainbow effects, no matter what your weather conditions are, including rainbow slime, a rainbow volcano, a rainbow bubble snake, and much, much more. Kit includes 3 clear crystals, 3 silver rings, 2 suction cups, 3 holographic plastic pieces, motor with wires, battery box with alligator clips and plastic gear box.

Ages 8+

Manufacturer SKU864382
Package Contents3 clear crystals. 3 silver rings 2 suction cups 3 holographic plastic pieces Motor with wires Battery box with alligator clips Plastic gear box
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 1.75 × 11.75 in



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