Party Crackers: Jolly Stars (magic)


Pull! Pop! Celebrate! British holiday crackers add a touch of whimsy to holiday celebrations!

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Crackers have been a British tradition for over 150 years. These distinctly playful ones are hand-crafted with materials sourced from all over the world, using fine papers, lush fabrics, hand tied bows and the special Robin Reed layer effect that gives these English Christmas Crackers their unique style. Crackers bring a unique joy and playfulness to holiday celebrations, particularly when they are so “different” from years past.

This set of star-spangled crackers come in bright foils with multi colored magical stars – a magic cracker in all ways! When the time is right, each of these crackers has a magic trick for you to perform plus a snap, amusing joke and, of course, the party hat!

Pack of 8 crackers.


Robin Reed

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