Ferromagnetic Fluid Test Tube


The Ferromagnetic Fluid Test Tube kit is actual science in action! Make your very own ferromagnetic fluid and experiment with magnets with this easy-to-use test tube kit.

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Ferromagnetism It is used every day in many technological objects, like television, credit cards, speakers and MRI. This kit allows older kids and curious adults to make their own magnetic liquid for experimentation. use the included magnet to display magnetic fields within the fluid. Move the magnet up and down the sides of the test tube or bring it close, then pull it away and watch the nanomagnets line up and wave around as if by magic! Of course, it’s not really magic, it’s science. This kit is a fun introduction into a future career for budding engineers or medical personnel. Your kit Includes 1 thick plastic test tube (safer than glass for children), magnetic particles, magnet, and instructions.

Ages 8+

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