Green Tea & Jasmine Complexion Soap


Rich in antioxidants, SallyeAnder’s Green Tea & Complexion Soap balances skin’s oils and attacks bacteria while it calms, cleanses and heals irritated skin.

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Native to China, green tea was originally so highly-priced that the penalty for smuggling out these plants was death! And that was before its antioxidant properties were fully appreciated. At SallyeAnder, we’ve long respected green tea as a skin toner and chose young hyson tea for our Green Tea & Jasmine complexion bar. It balances the oils that your skin naturally secretes and attacks bacteria so it cleanses and heals. In creating this soap we combined green tea’s strengths with the antiseptic and cleansing abilities of jasmine, along with brown rice as a natural exfoliant. Like green tea, jasmine is an anti-inflammatory, making it particularly effective in calming irritated and inflamed skin. Rounding out this soothing complexion bar are essential oils that contribute to healing as well as adding a delicate fragrance. Best of all even used twice a day, you’ll have up to two months of excellent skincare from every single bar. Many of our customers find that when they use our soaps, they don’t need lotion. So you’ve saved your skin and done something good for the planet – one less plastic bottle! For normal to dry skin.

olive oil, brown rice flour, young hyson tea, patchouli, jasmine, and grapefruit essential oils



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