High-Speed Roller Race Game


HABA Motor Skill Game High-Speed Roller Race – Simple Experiments with Momentum (Made in Germany)

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Get ready for the big roller race! The five amusing cylinders showing animals and numbers are rolled down the ramp. The player whose roller goes the furthest wins. A special skill-the game gets more exciting when the dominoes are brought into play. They are disturbed around the board in such a way that the cylinders knock them over. Who is the most skillful player now?, Use the simple set of rules or free play! Either way, it encourages the development of fine motor skills., Includes:, 1 ramp, 5 rollers, 6 dominoes, Material: Beech

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FeaturesThe components, cardboard ramp, 5 wooden rollers, 6 wooden dominoes and game instructions have been designed to help your child develop different abilities and skills via the medium of play: recognizing and grouping colors, shapes and numbers, fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination. But above all, these games are intended to be fun. This goes hand in hand with learning, which takes place without your child even realizing it. In free play, your child occupies him or herself with the game components. Join in! Carry out some elementary experiments together to judge the speed at which the different rollers travel. One game concept: High-Speed Roller Race - Which roller travels furthest from the ramp? Another game concept: Domino Skittles - Whose roller will knock over the most dominoes?
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