Keeping Up with Findus


Can Pettson keep up with Findus?

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Findus, the talking cat, challenges Pettson to join him as he runs, jumps, and clambers around the farm. Pettson tries to keep up, with comical results. However, there is one thing that he is very good at!

The Findus series follows the adventures and misdemeanors of the mischievous Findus the Cat and Farmer Pettson, along with their muckle friends. As they plant, forage, fish, discover, and generally get up to all sorts of mayhem, we can explore the ups and downs of friendship, as well as the fights and forgiveness with them.

Alongside the vibrant storylines the Findus books approach personal and social issues that the characters learn to overcome with humor and playfulness.

Hardcover, 28 pages

Ages 2+





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