Letters to My Grandchild


Write now, read later, treasure forever: Whether your grandchild is still a baby or all grown up sharing your stories is giving the gift of a lifetime. With this keepsake collection of twelve letters you can fill each with words of wisdom that only a grandparent can impart then postdate, seal with the included stickers, and gift this paper time capsule for future opening. Your grandchild – and generations to come – will treasure this heirloom forever.

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This paper time capsule becomes a priceless heirloom for generations to cherish.

  • Each letter is printed with a unique prompt like Here is a special story about our family…, What I want you to know about me…, The best advice anyone ever gave me was…, and My wishes for you are…
  • Makes a perfect graduation, new baby, new grandparent, or grandparent birthday gift.
  • Created by Lea Redmond, an artist and the creative mind behind The World’s Smallest Post Service, My Museum, Connexio, and Letters to My Baby.

Fans of Letters to My Son, Letters to My Baby, and Letters to My Future Self will love this Oprah’s Favorite Things Pick for 2015, Letters to My Grandchild.

Over 2 million copies sold across the series! Each Letters To… letter book includes 12 or more prompted letters to fill with favorite memories and words of wisdom. Seal letters with the included stickers, postdate for future opening and your grandchild will have a cherished time capsule of you to share with generations to come.

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AuthorLea Redmond
Author BioLetters to My Grandchild is part of the Letters to My....series, created by artist Lea Redmond. Her creative workshop, Leafcutter Designs, offers curious goods, surprising services, and projects for participation: www.leafcutterdesigns.com. Visit www.letterstomy.com to see the whole series.
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