Paint by Numbers Kit: Owens Ostrich in a Wreath


The ostriches-wearing-flowers art that you didn’t know you needed! Painting by numbers is all relative. Big Kids just needed one more their size.

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Have you ever wanted to explore acrylic painting but weren’t sure where to start? Most people think paint-by-number sets are just for young kids but Artwille Paint by Numbers were designed with “big kids” in mind! Made specifically for adults and kids, each kit contains a standard canvas with unique modern designs that you complete by matching up the color with the designated coded area. But don’t let that stop you: mix the colors a little differently, color out of the lines – make it your own. When you’re done, you’ll have a beautiful wall-ready painting! Think of these as the next wave of adult coloring, but for teens and adults looking to explore the world of acrylic painting. Bob Ross would be proud.

Kit includes: 17.7″ x 13.8″ (45 x 5 cm) canvas, 1x wooden stretcher, 2x professional brushes of different sizes, 1х picture layout, 1х reference photo of final work , 1х palette of acrylic paints. This is not oil paint kit, water-based paints are odorless. New paints do not need to be diluted with water. Acrylic paint stains can be washed off with water when addressed quickly. The brush should be cleaned with water or wiped with a dry cloth.

NOTE: If you or your children have left the paints open and they have dried, just add a little bit of boiling water and leave them for a while. They will be like new!
Made in Ukraine



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