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The 3-dimensional maze game with a track that twists and winds inside a self-contained sphere. Think you’ve got it? Time it, then try to beat the best time!

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Do you want to leave the labyrinth victorious? Enter and discover the crazy and fun world of Perplexus Rookie! The labyrinth is so complex and so impressive that only a real master of puzzles can solve it! Flip, turn and turn your 360 ° Rookie Perplexus to roll the ball inside along the numbered path. If you fall, go back to the beginning and try again! With 70 challenges to overcome, there are many ways to conquer Perplexus Rookie! See if you can get out of the awful tube, scary stairs and an icy igloo! As the first in a series of three, Perplexus Rookie is a great way for novices to learn how to solve mazes. Take the challenge and tackle an easy game to play, hard to master!

1 player, 10 minutes

Ages 8+

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