Saboteur 2 (Expansion)


This Saboteur expansion pack lets players work in teams as they tunnel deeper into the subterranean mine, while new characters add competing motives . . . and new levels of deception.

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As if Saboteur isn’t devious enough, this strategy card game expansion pack offers even more opportunities for deception. Bridges, doors, and ladders help players tunnel deeper into the subterranean mine, and new characters add competing motives—some help the miners, some aid the saboteur, and one is more interested in crystals than gold. But the key new feature is team play, changing the entire game dynamic. Up to 12 players.

Ages 8+


Manufacturer SKU18751
Package Contents36 Path Cards 18 Action Cards 18 Goal Cards 2 Dwarf Cards 2 Dwarf Playing Pieces w/ bases 8 Dwarf Counter Tokens 2 Keys Instructions
FeaturesIncludes a solitaire version Complete, stand-alone game Fun, fast, and just the right amount of frustration


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