Timeline: Inventions


Which came first, the Slinky or the ballpoint pen? How about radar? Did it become before them or after… or in between? Timeline: Inventions challenges you to place human inventions in chronological order. It gets more and more tricky the longer the game goes!

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Was the light bulb invented before or after glasses? With Timeline Inventions, you can learn the answer to this question and many more. Each card has a different invention, and on the opposite side of the card is the invention’s date.

To begin, one card is randomly selected from the draw pile. This is placed in the middle of the table, date-side up, and this card is the starting point of a chronological line. On your turn, you choose one of your cards and place it before or after the initial card. Your card is then turned date-side up. If you placed it correctly on the chronological line, the card remains on the table. Otherwise, the card is discarded, and a new one must be drawn to replace it. As more cards are played, it quickly becomes harder to correctly place new ones! The first player to get rid of their cards wins.

2-8 players

Ages 8+





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