Wax Block Beeswax Crayon (8 tin)


Set of eight high-quality beeswax block crayons, made in Germany. These crayons are long-lasting, with vivid colors and a size & shape easy for small hands to grasp.

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This set of Stockmar Beeswax Block Crayons comes in an attractive tin case of 8 Waldorf Colors, with a scraper to keep them clean.

Stockmar Crayons are made in Germany. These high quality beeswax crayons are widely used in Waldorf schools worldwide. With their vivid colors and pleasant fragrance, Stockmar Crayons appeal to a child’s senses. The quality of these crayons is outstanding (no crumbling, sticking, smudging, etc.), and they are safety-tested and non-toxic. They can easily be cleaned off surfaces with a soft cloth and a bit of vegetable oil. One box of these high quality crayons will last until your child is grown!

The Block Crayons, which are made from the same formula and identical in color to the Stockmar Stick Crayons, have outstanding drawing properties and appeal to the senses. Their size and flat shape make them sit well in a young child’s hand. The block crayons allow one to draw colorful areas easily, like shading large areas (think grass, ocean and sky) or making borders on a page.

The addition of 10% natural beeswax gives these crayons transparency, allowing colors to layer beautifully, and adds a pleasant beeswax scent.

COLORS: (Waldorf Mix) Carmine Red | Vermilion | Orange | Golden Yellow | Lemon Yellow | Green | Ultramarine Blue | Purple
SIZE: Each block is 1/2″ x 15/16″ x 1-11/16″

Ages 3+



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