Stone Word Hearts:

These colorful soapstone hearts are handmade in Kenya. Create your own inspirational mix!

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These colorful etched word hearts are a fair trade product handmade in Kenya. They are hand carved out of stone, sanded, dyed, and then etched, all using simple hand tools.

Made of Kisii Soapstone. Word is etched on both sides of heart.

Approximately 1.5 inches wide


Blessed (red), Blessed/Red, Brave (purple), Brave/Purple, Dream (olive), Dream/Green, Equality/Blue, Family (lime green), Family/Lime Green), Fearless (pink), Fearless/Pink, Gratitude (pale blue), Gratitude/Pale Blue, Hope (orange), Hope/Orange, Imagine (lime green), Imagine/Lime Green, Joy (pink), Joy/Pink, Kindness (pink), Kindness/Pink, Love (red), Love/Purple, Love/Red, Peace (pale blue), Peace/Pale Blue, Resist Persist/Blue, Sister (purple), Smile/Orange, Strength (blue), Strength/Blue, Strength/Pink, Thank You (blue), Thank You/Blue, Wisdom (blue), Wisdom/Blue


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