Kullerbu Expansion: Curves & Friends


Add some bumps and curves to your Kullerbu set!

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A great complement to your Kullerbu set! Includes 2 wavy curves, 3 curves, 2 smaller curves, and 7 connectors.

A new twist to the old train and railways you grew up with.  Kullerbu is an expandable, durable play system that even toddlers can start to build but yet it keeps growing. Kullerbu can act as a train-like set, with cars that fit onto the tracks and roll along them, or as a marble run, where the large (too large to swallow) balls can either ride in the cars or roll along the tracks independently. And the cars have wheels that will roll on any surface, not just the Kullerbu tracks. With all kinds of expansions, additions, and accessories available, Kullerbu offers endless play possibilities!

Ages 2+ 





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