Smartivity Music Machine


Science meets art meets music! Kids can build and decorate a music machine and play their own tunes!

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In a harmonious blend of science and art, this 208-piece S.T.E.M. kit engages kids and encourages them to compose their own music on a machine that they build and decorate. Part xylophone and part music box, this instrument’s richly-illustrated instructions guide budding engineers through each step as they slide wooden pieces together and secure them in place with rubber bands. (That’s right—no glue required!)

Once the Xylofun Music Machine is assembled and decorated using markers or paints (art supplies not included), kids can then arrange pegs on the drum according to the notes on the included music sheets, or make up their own tunes and arrange them however they want. As they turn the drum, the pegs meet metallic plates to create music!

Ages 8+





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