OneFoot Miniski


Who needs slopes?!  With the OneFoot Miniski, your neighborhood provides all the winter wonderland you need. All hills are a BONUS!

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A cross-over between the snowboard and skateboard, use the OneFoot Ski to get around. Scoot around your neighborhood or to school, take it anywhere as its small size will allow you to use it virtually anywhere. The OneFoot Miniski’s binding is designed the same way as a conventional snowboard binding to keep the rider safe. The binding is made for Snow boots and Snowboarding shoes so that the riders foot can’t slip out, and its ultra-light design will prevent any nasty falls. It’s TWIN TIP design prevents skidding and has a grooved deck for extra grip. This snowboard/skateboard hybrid will have you crossing your fingers for snow! (This is a perfect introduction to snowboarding at over half the cost!)

Measures 28.34 X 5.9 X 2.6 cm, and weighs 2.4 lbs. Fits all adult foot sizes and Children’s US size 12.5+. Load Capacity 225 lbs.

Ages 6+





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