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Remember folding these with your friends back in middle school? This is definitely a step up.

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This fortune teller kit includes foldable, customizable designs, plus stickers to decorate and a special marker for writing secret messages!

Get the answers to life’s important questions with the Secret Message Fortune Teller Kit. This set includes 15 color designs and 25 black and white designs that you color, customize, and fold into paper fortune tellers. Use the stickers included with this set to accent your creations. The ultra-cool, secret component is there is a magical marker to write secret fortunes that are only revealed under the light on the end of the marker. So much creativity and so much fun to be had with this kit!

Set includes: 2 sticker sheets, 15 color fortune teller sheets, 25 black and white fortune teller sheets, secret message marker with light, and instructions.

Ages 6+

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Fashion Angels

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