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HABA Shakin Eggs – HABA Shakin Eggs – Feel the Rhythm While Learning Sound Differentiation with 5 Wooden Eggs

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Shake things up with our Shakin Eggs. Develop your child’s musical abilities early with these brightly colored eggs that all make different noises. Most are shakin’ but one of the five is twistin. Can you figure out which one it is? This item is Made in China. HABA is a German company with a long history of deep commitment to high-quality design, safety and social & environmental responsibility. This item is designed in Germany and made with strict care in China. Our employees regularly visit and inspect our partner suppliers and hold them to the highest quality standards and working conditions. Prior to market placement, the safety of the materials, the engineering process, the mechanical endurance testing and the actual use of our products are all tested and documented by independent, third party testing institutes.

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FeaturesA toy that will be enjoyed long after the Easter Basket is put away! Each egg makes a different sound. Three eggs rattle, one jingles and one twitters. The blue egg requires/teaches an extra motor skill (twisting!). These colorful heirlooms are not only eye-catching, they're EAR catching too! Doubling as musical instruments so little ones can learn to distinguish sounds, develop a feel for rhythm and train their language skills all through play! This toy encourages color & shape recognition as well as auditory learning and sound differentiation. Recommended for little sound explorers ages 2 and up. Made in China.
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